Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quit my Job at last

I finally quit my job.Took a lot of nerve but I am relieved i have.My firm shall remain nameless except for the capital F
** I actually formed a club called EFF (Escape From F) with some friends at work years ago. We were going to meet regularly talk about what we wanted to do for our careers and work on our resumes and encourage each other to apply for jobs. For a while we did, but EFf started to sound too negative so we changed our name to LIFT (short for Living in Full Technicolor) and broadened our focus to having more fun in life and figuring out what we wanted in general and going for it. It was great, and I made all kinds of good changes in my life, but I put getting out of the firm on the back burner for longer than I thought I would. There I was just so much that I liked about it. I loved the building. I loved being downtown. I kept meeting such interesting, nice, smart, adventurous, diverse, fun, good-natured people my age and making good friends. It was better than anyplace else I'd ever worked. People were smart, competent, on the ball, and most of what people did made sense. They were engaged with their work. They liked it. They tried hard. They were logical and reasonable. It was like a dream enviroment. Still, I discovered pretty early on that I didn't want to be a lawyer myself (the main reason I started working there was to test the waters and figure out if I should go to law school). There's not a lot of room to advance in a law firm if you don't actually have a law degree -- even in administrative positions. I started to feel like a house elf. It felt yucky. Also, the more I saw about how the place worked, the more I came to think that big law firms aren't good places for people to be for very long, lawyers or not. They're unhealthy. So, while I'm glad I met people I love there and I had a lot of fun in the beginning, I'm also glad I'm leaving. Actually, I'm extremely relieved and ecstatic that I'm leaving. :)Gives me more time for my porn